Lingo’s New Pricing Model

Lingo’s New Pricing Model

Today we’re changing our pricing to make it more fair for all users. We’d like to explain the new model, why we made the change and finally how it will affect you. Before we get into the details though, I want to reassure you that you won't have to pay extra today. To ensure a smooth transition we recommend everyone update their Lingo Mac app to the latest version.

The New Model

In Lingo’s new pricing model there are no longer “pro accounts” and “team accounts”, instead there are only “spaces.” If a space has less than 100 assets it is free and can have an unlimited number of people joined to it. If the space has more than 100 assets it is paid and the price is determined by the number of people joined to the space. Below is a chart of the new pricing model.


There are several reasons we made this pricing change. First we learned through research and interviews our customers sometimes need a long time to evaluate if Lingo is the right tool for the job. In our old pricing model we had a month long trial period, this was too short. In our new model you can use Lingo’s full feature set with less than 100 assets and an unlimited amount of people for an unlimited period of time. If you choose to upgrade it’s now on your own schedule, we believe this is a much better customer experience.

Secondly, having the different account types of “Pro” and “Team” created several confusing and undesirable user experiences. We noticed some of you would sign up for a pro trial but then would realize you wanted to use Lingo with your team and there wasn’t a good way to move into a team account. Lingo forced you to start over which was overly complicated and confusing, and a bad user experience. In the new pricing model there is only one type of account which eliminates this confusion. You can now grow your team organically over time without ever needing to switch account types.

Finally, our old pricing model had no tiers, which meant small teams with only a few people were paying the same amount as large teams with lots of people. We thought this was unfair. We believe the value of Lingo increases as the number of people joined to your Lingo increases. That is the reason you’ll pay more as your team grows. We believe this is fair.

How does this affect you?

If you have less than 100 assets, you can continue to use your Lingo for free. If you have over 100 assets, we have designed a series of migration experiences and price discounts to make the transition as smooth as possible. Below is a breakdown of the various migrations.

For customers who are currently paying

Customers who are currently paying either as a Lingo Pro or a Lingo Team will continue to pay in the new model. Customers that have to pay more in the new model compared to what they were paying before, will be issued a monthly credit. The credit will be applied to their account so their total price will remain the same as what they were paying before. For example, if a customer on a Lingo Team was paying $49.99 / month and their new account is $149.00 / month, they will be issued a $100.00 credit so their total remains $49.00 / month. This discount will last 6 months for Teams and 3 months for Lingo Pros. During this grace period if the account is downgraded to a tier costing less than what they were paying before, the discount will be cancelled. At the end of the 3 and 6 month grace periods, monthly prices will increase to their full amounts.

For customers who are currently using Lingo for free or are on a trial

Customers currently using Lingo for free and have less than 100 assets, can continue to use it for free. What’s more, is they can now share their Lingo with an unlimited number of people! Customers using Lingo for free but have more than 100 assets will now have to pay in the new pricing model. These customers who now have to pay will have access to a 45 day grace period where their account will be free. The grace period starts on Dec 1st and ends on Jan 16th. To take advantage of the grace period these customers simply need to upgrade their Lingo app. On Jan 16th if they still have more than 100 assets in their Lingo they will be asked to enter a credit card and make their first payment. If they choose not to pay then their account will be downgraded. This means they will still be able to use the assets in their Lingo but they will not be able to make any changes such as adding new assets or tags.

We deeply appreciate your business and are honored to have the opportunity to continue to help your team build unified products and experiences. We have an exciting roadmap in front of us and we can’t wait to share it with you. As always if you have any questions please reach out to

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